Whether you are individual user, administrator or part of the team who need dedicated server to host application, blog,  professional project,  business or enterprise website ,we have the right dedicated server plan for your need. Dedicated Server  Solution is perfect choice if you dedicated machine for your website with full root access. All our dedicated server comes with quality check and hardware check and free OS Reload.

POWER Dedicated 32


per month

Pay Yearly & save 10%


POWER Dedicated 16


per month

Pay Yearly & save 10%

POWER Dedicated 8


per month

Pay Yearly & save 10%

Choose Operating system

Our servers come with a number  Operating systems. Choose which Operationg system you love to have with your dedicated server plan.

Firewall and DDOS Protection

Our DDOS protected servers you will have the greatest protection and enjoying the safety of our firewall.

Free OS Reloads

We provide OS Reloads for absolutely no cost

Instant Saving

Pay for a year with coupon code : getgooddeal to get 10% saving !

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