How to Choose quality hosting according to your needs.

To determine which package is suitable for you, you can pay attention to several specifications in the package including:

1. Disk space.
Every hosting plan has disk space. Choose a hosting package with diskspace that suits your initial needs. You can upgrade the package if your diskspace is almost full. It is highly recommended to choose SSD type disk space. Because by choosing an SSD, the access speed can automatically prove to increase faster up to 8 times when compared to using HDD diskspace.

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2. RAM ( Random Access memory)
As the name suggests, RAM, has something to do with memory. RAM is very useful for storing temporary files and processing them. The greater the RAM capacity you have, especially for you VPS or dedicated server users, then this has an impact on the speed of the process and data access to your website.

3. Bandwidth Allocation
Bandwidth is needed to load your website. If the bandwidth is getting bigger, it can automatically transfer a larger amount of data on your website. It is highly recommended to choose a hosting provider that provides adequate bandwidth allocation such as NEW ID HOST. This allows your website to load data without problems.

4. Input Output or I/O
I/O is important enough to note. Because I/O, input out put is very influential how fast the process of uploading and downloading data that can be in your hosting process.

That’s all the tutorial on how to choose quality hosting that suits your needs. We hope you can find this tutorial useful. Have great time!

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