Getting Into VPS : Learning more about VPS : SSH ? Putty?

For those of you who want to learn more about VPS or Dedicated server, you must first know about SSH. SSH can also be called Secure Shell. SSH allows you to directly access Linux-based servers in a very secure network protocol. After logging in with SSH you can run linux commands to do various activities in your VPS. Using SSH is quite practical because you can access it from the office or from home. Generally, SSH ports use port 22.

If the current operating system on your computer is Linux or macOS, then you can automatically use SSH, because SSH is already in your operating system

If the operating system on your computer is Windows, then to use SSH, you must have an SSH Client such as PuTTY. After you install it, then you can start using SSH to enter your VPS.

Putty was developed by a group of volunteers. So you can use it without the need to buy, because PuTTY is an Open Source program.

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