Getting into VPS, What is VPS, Linux VPS and Windows VPS

If you have been using shared hosting or hosting with cPanel control panel or hosting with other control panels, have never managed a server, of course you are still confused if asked about vps.

However if you want to learn more about VPS, this tutorial is for you.

What exactly is VPS?
VPS stands for Virtual private server. VPS can also be called a virtual server. What this means is, a webhost uses a dedicated server and breaks it down into smaller virtual machines. Virtual Machine is usually abbreviated as VM. By having this VM, you can operate it like a dedicated server that has its own operating system and its own resources.

On a VPS you can run Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, CentOs etc.

When VPS uses Linux operating system, then VPS is called vps linux.

When VPS uses the Windows operating system, then the VPS is called Windows VPS

That’s the tutorial that We can share. Hopefully you find it helpfull and hopefully it can improve your understanding regarding VPS, Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

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