How to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in your hosting account

Before we start to enter the discussion of activating SSL Certifice, it’s a good idea to first understand the meaning of Secure Socket Layer / SSL. SSL is a layer of protocol that is very useful to protect every access that enters to our website.

The most notable advantage is maintaining confidentiality and authentication. With a system that is kept confidential of data traffic, we can be safer, especially when we fill in our usernames and passwords on websites that use SSL.

Now that we understand SSL, we will further activate SSL Certicificate using Let’s encrypt in the cPanel control panel.

Step One: We need to first log in to our cPanel account. Enter the username and password as provided by our hosting provider. Usually you can find it in the welcome email.

Step two: Look carefully, in the security section, we select let’s encrypt

Next step: We select the domain that we want to issue / add ssl.

Next : We wait for the activation process to complete.

Next: Congratulations on installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.
We can check again in the status section.
If the status is “installed” then it means we have successfully installed and activated let encrypt on our website.

That’s it. I hope the tutorial that I shared about the Guide on how to activate Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on your hosting , you can find it useful for you.

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