Maybe you ask, how does webhosting work?

If you already understand what webhosting is, then to understand how webhosting works will be alot easier.

The way webhosting works is
First there is a hosting service provider that provides a server that is set up specially to store your website data and files.

When there is a user who types the domain in his or her browser, the webhosting will get a request to send the existing file so that it can appear in the browser and the website can be accessed.

Generally, if you want to have a website, you must subscribe to a webhosting service first, depending on the billing contract you choose, monthly or yearly.

To ensure your website runs normally, you must make payments according to the billing period you choose. For example, you choose yearly, then every year you have to make a payment for your webhosting service. If you don’t pay for your webhosting service, then your website will not be accessible again.

Hopefully, you can find this short article useful for you.

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