Schools Must Know the Reasons Why Schools Should Have a Website


In this increasingly sophisticated era, all educational institutions must continue to follow the rapid development of technology. Building a school website is one way to use the potential of technological advancements. It will be an effective tool for disseminating information widely, cheaply, and effectively. This is an advantage of a school website.

The utilization of a school’s website is very important because by building a website, you can make various modifications that will make it look more attractive, and with an attractive design, more and more people will visit it.

There are many reasons why a school, organization or institution should have a website. Here are some important things you need to know about the existence of free school websites that will help the school in question.

1. As a school identity in an internet environment

If you pay close attention, every school website will have a domain for school in indonesia, which is often used by educational institutions and used as their identity. That way, domain will always be in the school’s web address that you type in when you search for a particular school.

2. Improve Your Organization’s Credibility

By building a school website, we can increase the credibility of the school and public trust in it.

In addition, if the design created by him, including the colors, layout, and images displayed on his website, is of high quality. Surely it will add additional value and increase people’s trust.

3. Promotional Tools

Don’t forget that the promotion will be done in the upcoming new school year. If we already have a website, we can do promotions there and fill out the online sctudent registration form.

To make it easier for those who want to register and we can quickly get data on prospective learners.

4. As a way to tell people about school

The existence of a school website that can be accessed from various devices, such as from mobile phones or computers, allows anyone to access information related to the school. Indirectly, this will make it easier for the community and parents to know what is happening in the school, which can be said to make the dissemination of information more effective and efficient.

5. Resources for Graduation

Graduation information can be displayed on our website. To stop students from going to school and doing non-essential things like convoys or doodling.

Schools and students are safe.

6. To support school progress

It is inconceivable that this school website turned out to be of great help in promotion. When viewed as a whole, it is not surprising that many institutions today are vying to improve their website design to support the improvement of school quality. If the school has an attractive website, it will give the impression that it is very advanced.

7. To display school stories and galleries

In addition, the existence of a school website will make it easier for schools to display various photos with interesting stories. In such cases, winning photos of matches, extracurricular events, and other documentation that may have been immortalized are usually included on a website. Of course, in this way, your school will be more and more recognized for the better image it has.

8. The perspective of the school profile is more advanced

When a school’s website is made as complete as possible, it will be part of a more sophisticated approach to introducing the school to a wide audience. In addition, modernity will show whether the school in question is of excellent quality.


9. Store diverse alumni data from the school

This school website not only provides information about the school, but also helps provide information about alumni, which is data containing students who have attended and graduated at the school. With the website, alumni can easily find out information about their school.

10. Is an example of a growing educational institution

It mentioned that the school’s website shows that the school is always up-to-date and technologically literate. This shows that the school has always accepted openness. The field of education uses this term openness to show gratitude for the rapid development of technology.

11. Shows the ins and outs of the school’s organizational structure

When you visit a school’s website, it is not uncommon that you come across the school’s organizational structure. Information about the structure of such organizations will make it easier for everyone to know who leads the school. Therefore, the website will be able to access information about all employees, including teachers.

12. Resources for online education such as online book access

The world of education has been greatly influenced by advances in information technology. Currently, there are school websites that allow e-learning learning. One way to use the school website is to download online course materials on the school website and write reviews in the empty box.

There are many important reasons why an institution, in this case a school, should have a school website. You will see little benefit from choosing one. However, this does not diminish the benefits of websites as a way to be grateful and take advantage of increasingly sophisticated developments in information technology.

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