Tutorial : How to install the free version of SSL on your hosting account

When we talk about SSL installation , It is very important for you to do ssl install before uploading your design files. SSL is a security protocol that is useful for protecting data on your website.

If you don’t understand about SSL, simply put SSL is a security protocol using an encryption process for every data accessed through your website.

Nowadays, by having SSL, you will get benefits in your ranking in your favorite search engine.

There are now several SSL options. Some are paid, and some are free.

You can choose the Free SSL option provided by Let’s encrypt. Make sure your provider provides let’s encrypt to start using it. If you feel unsure, you can contact your provider first.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install SSL free version.

1. Access cpanel or control panel of your choice then login to your hosting using username and password.

2. Then look for the security section and then look for Let’s Encrypt SSL

3. You will see sub domains and domains that can be installed let’s encrypt. Click issue on the domain / sub domain that you want to install SSL

Then you need to check again to make sure the domain / sub domain you want to install ssl is correct, then click Issue.

4. Wait a few moments, then after a few minutes your SSL has been successfully installed.

Normally, there will be a notification or something like that to let you know that SSL is successfully Installed.

If you are still having problems about SSL installation, it never hurts you to contact our customer care, just to make sure it is installed properly.

That’s all tutorial that we can share with you. We hope you find this tutorial about How to install the free version of SSL on your hosting account useful for you. Have great day!

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