What is the difference between domain and hosting?

For those of you who are still beginners, it may still be unclear about what distinguishes domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are very related and cannot be separated from each other. Then it is not wrong, if people assume that domain and hosting are the same. But in the reality , domain and hosting are very different. The similarity is … both have an important role in a website building.

In general, a domain is a website address. Website addresses are very useful to make it easier for people to find information on your website. While hosting is a service which have benefit for you to store website data so that it can be accessed on the internet by website visitors.

To put it simply, the domain can be said to be the address for your website, while the land is the hosting. You can build a house on that land. You can store data that visitors can access on your website.

We hope you find this information useful for you.

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